A therapy that works! Dylan helped me tremendously with my back issues and I am now able to resume all the physical activities that I love! I have listened to his advice and did all the exercises he suggested. I am now stronger than I was before! Thanks Dylan!
- Michel Mercier
Best health investment ever!!! I recommend Dylan's services as he is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Dylan has been treating my Husband and I. His treatments have made some amazing and positive differences in our physical health for both of us! I was suffering from injuries in the wrist, knee and neck for years as I played many different kinds of sports and I work at a computer desk. After the first treatment, I saw positive results immediately. This was very encouraging! I am doing the exercises he gave me and I am now back to where I was! Take that step and invest in your health!
- Bianca Lagace
I have seen multiple of the therapists both at this location and previous locations. They have helped me immensely with knee injury rehabilitation and other issues. Couldn't recommend them enough.
- Adam Wyonzek