On-Site Medical Coverage

As athletic therapists we provide on-site medical coverage for all levels of sport. Our therapists have experience with everything from grassroots local sports in Calgary, to USport nationals, to national team coverage in multiple sports. 

With this on-site medical coverage we will be right there to handle any emergency medical events, and to assess and intervene with any injuries in order to keep the athletes healthy, safe, and able to play. Our medical team is equipped to handle everything from small sprains and strains all the way to major injuries and concussions. 

Pricing is done per therapist per hour. Costs are based on several factors such as:

  • Type of sport - non-contact, contact, motor, combat
  • Number of athletes involved
  • Number of courts, rinks, fields, etc. 
  • Supplies needed

Contact us to get a custom quote for your sport event.