PDT-r assesses various reflexes and tries to help our body interpret them better. An example of this is persistent achilles pain - if a nociceptor (the type of nerve ending that our brain uses to feel pain) is hypersensitive on the bottom of our heel, it will trigger a reflex to prematurely tension the calf muscles to hold our weight off of the dysfunctional receptor. This reflex, overtime, can lead to chronic achilles pain. Stretching the achilles in this case won't help, therefore we need to reset the nerve ending causing the issue.

Who does PDT-r: Micah Reim


Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy technique that focuses on decreasing tension and increasing the mobility of the soft tissue in and around the organs. Every organ in your body is held in place with ligaments and fascia. This tissue can become dysfunctional like any other tissue in your body. Improving mobility through the viscera can have a major effect on the areas of the body that the organs are anchored to. 

Who does visceral manipulation: Dylan Turner, and Micah Reim


TMJ (Jaw) treatment


TMJ treatment focuses on reducing tension in the head and neck, optimizing alignment in the joints associated with the jaw. The aim of treatment is to reduce headaches, managing clenching and grinding, and solve any other dysfunctions of the jaw. Providing optimal function through the jaw can help reduce symptoms that stem from dental surgeries, dental appliances as well as grinding. 

Who treats TMJ: Terra Sergeant


Running Injuries


Did you know that 65% of runners sustain a running injury every year? Interestingly, running is not what leads to injuries, rather running with improper technique or improper training loads. We work with community-level runners of all ages and abilities to increase running form, strength, and performance for clients while reducing injury risks. We can also provide training plans, workouts, and rehabilitation exercises to achieve this.