Our Team


Dylan Turner - Certified Athletic Therapist, Osteopathic Manual Therapy student, CPR-BLS Instructor

I am most passionate about helping people return to doing what they love. The most fulfilling feeling to me is when someone thanks me for helping them to do what they are passionate about in their own lives. 

I tend to focus on using a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, zeroing in on the root cause of pain and injury to ensure it doesn't resurface later. I particularly enjoys treating chronic pain, migraines/headaches, and foot dysfunctions. 

Going back to school to become an osteopath has always been a goal of mine. Particularly because this schooling will give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and help my patients that much more. 

Outside of work, I love to be active. I have played soccer in Calgary since I was 4 and always enjoy being able to get outside and see what the city has to offer. I spend most days walking with my dog whenever I can. 


  • B.Kin in Athletic Therapy
  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy student
  • Heart and Stroke BLS-CPR Instructor
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Neuromenengial Manipulation
  • Sport First Responder

Contact: dylan@absoluteathletictherapy.com


Micah Reim - Certified Athletic Therapist 

I’m an enthusiastic therapist, passionate about helping people achieve their goals. My journey started back in High school. I ended up seeing an athletic therapist for several injuries throughout various sports and activities. They inspired my love for Athletic Therapy. My passion quickly grew while I attended the University of Calgary for a Bachelors of Kinesiology, and then even more again with my Professional degree in Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal University. After Graduating I jumped into the field immediately, working with several rugby clubs, football programs, hockey teams, soccer, judo, you name it. In the clinic, I strive to always ask the question of “why”? This led my journey through continuing education. I have since focused on neurological performance and optimization. I actively continue to learn and teach in various environments. My passion for education led me to the University of Calgary, where I also work as an Athletic Therapist in the Varsity Department, and a practicum supervisor for the Athletic Therapy program at Mount Royal University. This helps me always stay on the cutting edge of new research and therapies available. 

In my spare time, I love getting out and climbing. Whether that’s rocks, waterfalls, or mountains, I wanna go up and explore. This marries well with my love for backpacking and adventuring. If I'm not in the clinic - a good bet is to ask what I was climbing. In the winters my climbing is interspersed with coaching curling.


  • B. Kin in Athletic Therapy
  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Sport First Responder
  • PDT-r practicioner
  • NKT level three practitioner
  • Neuromeningeal manipulation
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
  • Advanced Concussion assessment and management

Contact: micah@absoluteathletictherapy.com


Melissa Roth - Certified Athletic Therapist 

Being born and raised in rural Alberta and participating in most sports available so there could actually be a team means that Melissa loves to have that small-town community feel in the groups she works with, especially football. She has played multiple sports, coached basketball and swimming, officiated basketball, and now on a sideline with a roll of tape is her favourite spot. Even better if that sideline is outside in the sunshine!

Indoors or outdoors, Melissa greatly enjoys helping youth athletes set themselves up for future success. She is an active board member with the Calgary Bantam Football Association and believes in establishing healthy lifestyle habits early. Active youth (aged 3-25) are her biggest draw though she will also help out their siblings, parents, grandparents, and coaches!

Melissa has a special place in her heart (and schedule) for anyone dealing with headaches, low back pain, and post-surgical issues. She also likes the complex puzzle cases that have been seen by multiple practitioners over a number of years with minimal answers. She does a lot of hands-on work with muscle and joint mobility, some Graston Technique and suction cups, and looks at how the whole body is moving together (or not moving) to find the real problems.

Don’t expect her to perform miracles to ‘fix you’ though: it’s a process with work for you to do, too. She’ll also likely ask some challenging questions along the way to help you decide when and how to trust that injured spot again.


  • B. Sci Kin
  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Sport First Responder
  • BLS

Contact: melissa@absoluteathletictherapy.com



Terra Sergeant - Certified Athletic Therapist

As a small town Albertan, I value the power of team work, personal relationships, and collaboration to create a strong community. These are characteristics that I hold at the forefront of my practice.

Prior to becoming a certified athletic therapist I worked for several years in the dental community. My experience spanned from general dentistry, sports dentistry, TMJ dentistry, and oral surgery. I uniquely combine my athletic therapy skillset with my dental knowledge to work with local dentists and dental surgeons to collaboratively treat head, neck, and TMJ pain and dysfunction.

Upon moving to Calgary, I swiftly fell in love with the mountains, rivers, and hiking trails. Exploring these areas through backpacking, paddling, trail running, and dragonboating have become my favorite hobbies and contributed to my clinical practice. As a certified running coach I combine running training programs, exercise-based rehabilitation, and manual therapy to help the running community. I enjoy collaborating with all styles of runners, whether you are a leisurely jogger, ultra-runner, or anywhere in between.

I enjoy supporting a diverse community within my professional practice, and working collaboratively with my clients to tackle problem areas from head to toe. 


  • B. Phys. Ed. in Athletic Therapy
  • Certified Running Coach - UESCA
  • MOOC Concussion Prevention, Detection and Management 
  • RockBlades Advanced IASTM
  • Certified Ultra Running Coach - UESCA
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Sport First Responder
  • BLS

Contact: terra@absoluteathletictherapy.com

David Bertrand - Certified Athletic Therapist 

My love for Athletic Therapy started in my undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa when given the opportunity to work with the varsity hockey team. It was there I discovered some of the amazing opportunities this career path has to offer and decided to pursue it at Mount Royal University. 

I have a passion for working with active individuals that are motivated to get back to what they love doing. It is my aim as an Athletic Therapist to help others to achieve their health goals, while educating them about the anatomy behind their injury. My style of treatment primarily focuses on using manual therapy and emphasizing mobility and biomechanics to complement the management of acute and chronic injuries. I personally enjoy being on the sideline covering sports events, working with knee pathologies, and concussion assessment.

When I am not working in the clinic or field, you can find me in the outdoors or with my friends and family! My spare time is usually occupied with soccer, hockey, hiking, backcountry camping, and walking the dog.  


  • BSc. Human Kinetics
  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist 
  • Sports First Responder
  • BLS

 Contact: dave@absoluteathletictherapy.com 

 Colton Reiley - Certified Athletic Therapist 

A proud “Cape Bretoner”, I strive to bring some east coast hospitality to my professional practice. I first moved to Alberta to play baseball for the Okotoks Dawgs High School Academy and continued to spend the next several school years here in Calgary to complete my Athletic Therapy degree at Mount Royal University, while continuing my baseball career with the University of Calgary Dinos Baseball team.

An avid golfer, and lover of all things sport. I am well versed in the demands of overhead, racket, and club sports. I enjoy combining my personal experience with my formal education to better relate to and guide my care of client’s injuries and exercise based rehabilitation.

I pride myself in considering everyone an athlete, with each individual having unique goals, experiences, and physical demands at any stage of life. I value the big picture, balancing both future considerations, with the here & now, ultimately collaborating with clients to build an appropriate path forward.

When I am not practicing the profession that I love, I enjoy vacations back home; spending time with family and friends, coaching the next generation of young baseball players, and heading to the beach or out for a hike with any spare time.


  • B. HPED - Athletic Therapy
  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist 
  • Sport First Responder 
  • BLS

Contact: colton@absoluteathletictherapy.com 

Chris Linder - Certified Athletic Therapist

Think of Chris as your body’s mechanic. His focus is to help you enjoy the sports and activities you love to do without pain and perform better than you did before.
Chris will guide you through a flow of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and exercise prescription to create a sustainable plan for you to succeed. He will coach and educate you through each phase of rehab and training to maximize your potential for return to sport, play and work.

When you feel down about your injury and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, he knows how it feels, he has broken many parts of his own body.
Chris is avid about being active for life. He is a competitive Mountain Biker and Coach. He runs Alpine MTB Training. He plays hockey in the winter and dabbles in XC skiing, snowboarding, hiking to stay fit for his adventures. 
Chris has extensive experience working with athletes of many levels and in many sports. 

His experiences in sport include, but are not limited to:

  • Calgary Flames/Abbotsford Heat
  • Minnesota Wild
  • University of Calgary Dinos
  • Canadian National Hockey Team (U18 World Championship)
  • Soo Greyhounds (OHL)
  • Prince George Cougars (WHL)
  • Edmonton Cracker Cats (Professional Baseball)


  • B.Sc - Exercise Science
  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Sports First Responder
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist - NASM
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Mulligan Mobilizations with Movement
  • Visceral Mobilization
  • Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition

Contact: chris@absoluteathletictherapy.com